Why Go Mobile With Your Notary Needs

The benefits of using a mobile notary goes beyond saving time.

Rodney Fife

3/15/20221 min read

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When you think about the benefits of using a mobile notary you probably think of saving time. This is a great benefit, but there are so many more benefits to using a mobile notary beyond just saving time. Some of these benefits save you time and money in the same go. I am sure you are interested in saving time and money! Let's go mobile.

Yes hiring a mobile notary like those from Elite Mobile Pros will create savings. Do you find it hard to keep a current notary on your staff? Did you know that if your employee makes a mistake or error while notarizing a document you may be liable for damages? Notaries like myself are bonded and insured we also assume the risk so you don't have to. Beyond the risk, you have a notary just a phone call away so you can free up some funds in your payroll.

Do you find yourself ever wanting to wait in line? Are you sure you will find a notary sitting for you at your local bank or credit union? Using the services of a mobile notary is highly convenient. At Elite Mobile Pros we offer courier and apostille services. This ensures your vital documents remain in the hands of a background-checked and bonded individual. So not only is more convenient it is also more secure.

Some notaries may offer services you didn't know about, for instance, field or business inspections. Our notaries will go and take photos for you and write up a detailed report of what they found out. Then there is fingerprinting does your industry require your employees and candidates to be fingerprinted? We offer mobile fingerprinting.

In conclusion, you will find that using a mobile notary can save you time and money. It is also highly convenient and secure. Reach out to our team at (702) 927 2255 or visit us at https://www.elitemobilepros.com